Commercial & Domestic Laundry

The Wash House is a locally run commercial and residential laundry cleaning business in Wellington. Known for our quick turnaround and professional service that branches from Kilbirnie to the wider Wellington Regions.

Residential Laundry Services

🧦 General Laundry

Get your general washing done, our professional equipment ensures a superior clean.

⚽ Sports Gear

Take good care of your sports gear to ensure it lasts throughout the seasons.

πŸ›οΈ Clean Duvets

It’s essential to refresh your duvets once and a while without damaging them.

🏠 Curtains

Curtains require a large machine rather than household ones to ensure they are cleaned properly.

πŸŽ’ Sleeping Bags

It pays to keep your sleeping bags nice and clean after you go camping to extend the life.

πŸšͺ Floor Rugs

Small - medium size. Rugs can be tricky to clean properly at home, we can take care of that for you.

Commercial Laundry Services

πŸ€ Sports Teams

We are trusted to manage laundry for many of the local and international sports teams.

πŸ’ˆ Hair Dressers

let The Wash House manage your washing & keep things running smoothly.

πŸ” Restaurants

Keeping your staff laundry covered makes one less thing to worry about as a business owner.

πŸ’† Massage Therapy

Whether you’re a small beauty therapy or massage business or large one we can keep you covered.

βš—οΈ Medical Centers

We offer a professional cleaning service that covers your sanitary requirements.

🏨 Motels

Keep the linen and uniforms as fresh as the day they were bought for your guests.

We are also an agent of Besties Dry Cleaners in Wellington and agent of Curtain Clean in Tauranga.

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Business Information

Free delivery and pickup on orders over $25* Available in Wellington CBD, Miramar to Thorndon, Karori & Happy Valley - T&C's Apply

Open Hours

Weekdays 8am - 6pm Saturday 8:30am - 4pm Sunday - CLOSED
(or by appointment)

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